More of a Red Ripple than a Red Wave

November 09, 2022

Here are a few thoughts on the US mid-term election...

  • Democrats did better than expected, narrowly losing the House and possibly keeping a split Senate. 
  • The markets expected a “Red wave” and a more significant shift to a pro-biz agenda. 
  • There will be a halt to additional progressive spending (which has contributed to inflation and made the Fed’s job to rein in inflation harder)
  • New corporate taxes are unlikely. 
  • Gridlock tends to be better for markets. 
  • Regardless of your political leanings, the analogs after mid-term elections are 100% positive over the next 6 months and 12 months (see below). 

Red Wave

Source: Bespoke

As always, we’ll let our indicators guide our strategy exposures, but we still think we can see some further year-end rally up to 4100-4200 S&P 500 (+5-10%), another pullback/correction in 1Q’23 and then a better year in 2023 than 2022.

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